Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I heart scones

In case you were concerned about my eating habits when I showed you the inside of my fridge this past weekend, I made sure to take this picture on Monday after I got home from the grocery store. Don't worry, B won't starve.

And yes, that's Fat Free Vanilla Coffeemate you see. Two bottles, in fact. I tried guys, I really did, but the homemade stuff just wasn't doing it for me. I actually didn't even make coffee for several days last week because I didn't have any Coffeemate. That's serious. I'm ashamed of myself, but I'm also committed to being honest with you, so there you have it. I'm an addict. I have a problem.


I promised you scones last night, but then got distracted by watching last Sunday's Dexter. So now I present - SCONES!

 Despite my general aversion to baking (I always screw something up!), baking has become a pretty regular occurrence here at Casa Ellis. See, B loves baked goods We cannot pass a coffee shop without my husband suddenly getting a craving for a cinnamon roll, a donut or, his personal favorite, a SCONE.

So whenever I find a scone recipe that seems relatively Megan-proof, I give it a try. This has resulted in several successful scone endeavors, including those delicious pumpkin spice scones from back in September.

This weekend, I tackled yet another scone - the Maple Oat Nut Scone.

Now, I would not say this is a true "Starbucks Copycat" recipe in the sense that my teeth do not feel like they are rotting out of my skull with every bite, but these are still really freaking good. There are none left as I type this.

I realized about 75% of the way into making these that although I did have maple syrup, I did not have maple extract. I subbed vanilla and did not notice a difference. And the very best part of this recipe? You basically just dump everything in your food processor and give it a whirl. My very favorite kind of baking.