Monday, November 1, 2010

Iron Foodie 2010!

As you know, I have been totally loving Foodbuzz's Project Food Blog. It's so exciting! I wish I had been on top of my game enough to enter when the time came!

Fortunately, the good folks at the Foodie Blogroll have come to my rescue with Iron Foodie 2010! I literally danced around my kitchen when I got the email announcing the contest. 25 bloggers will be chosen to receive a box with 8 secret ingredients to incorporate into a signature dish which will then be voted on by the Foodie Blogroll community.

Consider this my official entry ballot :)

Q: Why do you want to compete in this challenge?
A: I am really excited to be pushed to be more innovative and creative in my cooking and, hopefully, use really unique ingredients that I might never have considered using before. Plus, I just really enjoy a little healthy competition - it only makes you better in the end!

Q: Limitations of time/space notwithstanding, whose kitchen would you like to spend the day in & why? Julia Child, Thomas Keller, Ferran Adria, James Beard, Marie-Antoine Careme, or The Swedish Chef?
A:  Julia Child! I just saw her kitchen at the Smithsonian and was amazed at how organized and efficient the whole space was. Plus, I think it's pretty awesome that she had all her workspaces raised to fit her height. Cooking is such a personal experience, it only makes sense that your kitchen should reflect you!

Q: What morsel are you most likely to swipe from family & friends’ plates when they aren’t looking?
A: Um, pretty much anything that's left over. My husband calls me a hunter-gatherer!

Q: Sum your childhood up in one meal.
A: Grilled cheese and tomato soup on a TV tray after morning kindergarten while watching Sesame Street.

Q: The one mainstream food you can’t stand?
A:  I don't like broccoli (although I'm slowly changing my mind). I also react pretty violently to white bread (metaphorically speaking, of course).
    If you're interested in getting in on the fun, you can check out all the details here! Happy cooking!