Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ashland Day 2

We woke up a bit late on Thursday morning, since we did not get back to our campsite after Merchant of Venice until nearly midnight! We ate a nice camp breakfast of coffee, oatmeal, and White House Muffins before heading back to the festival for our Folio Viewing, where we got to see a beautiful original of Shakespeares First Folio (published in 1623) on loan from the Paul G. Allen Family Collection and learn about the history of the Folio and printing practices of the time. Fun (and nerdy)!

Brian was especially happy to get this parking spot (he called it his winner spot), because we were right across the street from the theaters and didn't have to pay for parking all day!


After the viewing, we went to lunch at our #2-most-favorite-restaurant-in-all-of-Ashland, Pangea! I have eaten at Pangea every single time I have visited the festival. It is so yummy!

Brian checked the soccer scores while we waited for our food.


We split a Squirrel Nut Salad (organic field greens with sprouts, slivered carrots and grilled foccacia, topped with goji berries, chipped coconut, sunflower, pumpkin and any other seeds or nuts that catch our fancy. Served naked with lemon-sesame tahini on the side - Brian talks about this salad all year long!). Brian ordered the Ethiopian Wrap special and I got The Tempehst (spiced tempeh, caramelized onions, grilled and marinated zucchini, roasted sweet peppers and garlic aioli).

I had never eaten tempeh before, but I don't know what I was waiting for! This was incredible (and so much yummier than tofu, which I merely tolerate for the sake of being healthy). Tempeh is awesome! I did a little research and learned:
Tempeh is a complete protein food that contains all the essential amino acids. The soy protein and isoflavones have many health benefits. Isoflavones strengthen bones, help to ease menopause symptoms, reduce risk of coronary hearth disease and some cancers. Tempeh maintains all the fiber of the beans and gains some digestive benefits from the enzymes created during the fermentation process. [Source]
Sounds good to me!

After lunch, we frolicked around Ashland for a while, grabbed lattes at Key of C (I got the Tiger Eye - a chai latte with a shot of espresso!), read/napped in Lithia Park, and before we knew it, it was time to eat again! For dinner, we tried a new (to us) restaurant, Hana Sushi. We ordered an enormous bowl of edamame and some gyoza for appetizers, and then ordered three sushi rolls.

veggie roll, spicy salmon roll, spicy tuna roll

They were all delicious, and left us with just enough room for dessert, so we grabbed frozen yogurt at Yogurt Hut!

mango fro-yo with fresh kiwi, pineapple, blueberries, and coconut flakes

With our bellies full, it was time to see some more Shakespeare! I don't think Hamlet really needs much introduction, does it? I taught Hamlet to my very first class of twelfth graders in 2006, but have never seen it live. I knew that this was going to be a great show, but I was not prepared for how unbelievable it would be (and it did not hurt that we had front row seats!).


Dan Donohue was indescribable as Hamlet, the prince of Denmark. He received the only standing ovation I have ever witnessed at the festival!

[photos by David Cooper - source]

I don't really even have words to adequately describe how flawless this production was, I am still a little amazed by it. Needless to say, it made the entire trip worth it (and I would make the trip again just to see Hamlet again). You can watch some video of the production here.   

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