My name is Megan and I am a running (and spinning, yoga-ing, hiking, and teaching) foodie. I am a  California girl through and through and a junior high English teacher. I currently live in the Bay Area, CA with my husband Brian.

When I started Running Foodie, I had no idea what I actually wanted to write about. I was training for my first half marathon and on a (covert) mission to cook healthier food for my family, so the name “Running Foodie” was born. 

Since then. Running Foodie has evolved into a place where I share some of my favorite recipes and kitchen tips, talk about running and injury, and occasionally complain about how much grading I have! I like to think of my blog as a celebration of the things I love: family, friends, adventure, and excellent food.

I believe in eating foods that make you feel good. Not “good” in the sense that they are convenient and easy, but really good in the sense that they nourish you and fuel you for the day. I try to eat whole foods as much as possible and, even with a full-time job and lots of grading, I try to cook dinner every night.
B helps sometimes!
I have always been very active and, consequently, have always been very aware of my body and how I fuel it. Growing up, I was a year-round athlete however, when I went to college, my activity level decreased but I did not change my eating habits. I struggled with my weight and my relationship with food all through college. During my senior year I had my second shoulder surgery to repair a glenoid tear and put on quite a bit of weight but couldn’t exercise because of my injury. I was miserable.

When I graduated from college and started graduate school, I was stretched pretty thin. Between student teaching, graduate classes, writing my master’s thesis, and trying to maintain a social life, I was completely overwhelmed. I found balance in the gym. I started running and spinning, which allowed me to shut down the part of my brain trying to deal with school and work and just focus on moving my body. While those two years were the hardest for me academically and professionally, I felt that I had finally found the balance that I had lost when I first went away to college. I felt healthy and happy

I don’t own a scale and I don’t count calories. I did that in high school and college and it made me crazy. I listen to my body and pay attention to how my clothes fit. I will never be a size 2, and that’s OK with me. That’s the body I’ve been given. Just like I would never expect to fit my size 9 feet into size 6 shoes, I don’t expect to work out so much that my bone structure magically changes and I lose my hips completely. Trying to achieve some magic number on the scale or on the waistband of your jeans will make you nuts. I just want to feel healthy.

I don’t really like labels BUT… I am a vegetarian about 95% of the time. The other 5%, I am comfortable eating pretty much any meat, although I especially enjoy beef (my dad is a butcher, after all!). My husband and I try to buy organic as often as possible, but there are some things that we really love that are not organic, and I’m OK with that. Being too militant about anything is a dangerous thing.

My Bottom Line
I’ve been given this one body and when it’s all used up, it’s done. I just believe in putting the best possible foods in my body so that I can live a long and healthy life, while also not depriving myself of things I love (in moderation!) so I can also live a happy life.  I hope you’ll join me!

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  1. Hi Megan! I just found your blog through the comment section of Oh She Glows and I just wanted to say hi! I love your perspective on food - it's so balanced and healthy - and I can't wait to read more of your posts!