Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Socks

Hooray for Friday! We're officially at the end of the second week of school. My students are solving analogies and drawing plot maps. It's still HOT and B and I are eating a lot of leftovers. I'm excited for the 3-day weekend!

Friday Socks by drywell

During the summer, lunch is a meal that maybe happens, maybe doesn't happen, maybe happens at 3pm, etc. I eat when I'm hungry and I eat whatever happens to be around. I do a lot of breakfast for lunch in the summer time and I do a lot of "grazing" all through the day.

During the school year, though, lunch is a big deal but it takes me a while to get into the swing of things. For the past 3 years, I have lost ~5 pounds in the first month of school and have had to take naps every afternoon simply because I forget to pack enough food for lunch. Not healthy! This year, I'm trying to be better right from the start. My teaching (and quality of life in general) really suffers when I'm not properly fueled.

This is my lunch box. Isn't it cute? It's actually almost too small for all the food I pack, but fortunately it's stretchy. Brian has a matching one in solid green. We are nerdy.

Here is a typical packed lunch for Mrs. Ellis:

Grapes for midmorning snacking,

Carrots and hummus for late morning snacking,

Leftovers (or a huge salad with a hardboiled egg) for lunch. Today I had leftover salsa verde enchiladas, based loosely off of Caitlin's recipe,

Nuts and dried fruit (almonds/figs!) for whenever I need a little snack,

Fruit for my drive home. Today, a slightly wrinkly peach. Usually, an apple. This might be the most important part of my packed lunch. If I don't eat something on my commute home (it's long and very traffic-y), I devour everything in sight upon arrival!

We get our CSA box today! As usual, I peeked at the list. I was disappointed to be getting broccoli again...

Healthy Food Blogger Confession Time: 
I don't like broccoli. 

It's not that I dislike the taste of broccoli especially, it's just not the first thing I grab at the grocery store. In fact, I basically never grab it at the grocery store, even though I know it's a majorly nutrient dense food. We got two bunches of broccoli in our last CSA box and they sat in the crisper until last night, when I peeked at the list for this week and realized, "Crap, I'm getting more broccoli! I have to eat what we have!"

I decided to roast it after seeing this recipe, promising the best broccoli of my life.


That won't be terribly difficult, I thought. A little pessimistic, I know.

So I chopped and tossed and roasted and, dare I say it, I'm actually looking forward to more broccoli this week. It might be the first thing I devour from our delivery. This was seriously good broccoli.

What is one veggie (or any food, really) that you know is good for you, but you never eat?
I used to refuse to eat spinach. I'm almost ashamed to say that now!