Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Feed the Warrior!

I was scheduled for a 3-mile run yesterday, but took the day off to rest my legs after Sunday's race (Tuesday is normally my rest day). Since I have been a little inconsistent with my training lately, I decided to do 4 miles today instead. I waited a little late to head out and it was getting pretty warm. I also had a hard time finding my breathing rhythm again. Does anyone else have this problem? My legs feel fine, but I just can't seem to get into a comfortable breathing pattern and it just throws off the whole run. I completed the run, but it was not as easy as it normally is. I hate having a frustrating workout. To redeem the morning, I did Polly's Yoga for Runners. Good for the body and the soul!

Here are my run stats:
  • Total Mileage: 4mi
  • Total Time: 36:01
  • Average Pace: 9min/mi
I enjoyed this simple lunch while watching the Spain v. Portugal game:

¡Viva Espanã!

The white bean pasta salad was left over from dinner last night and consisted of: spinach fusili, tuna, cannelini beans, artichoke hearts, capers, red onion, parsley and a red wine vinegar dressing. I had a hard-boiled egg on the side along with a smoothie made with frozen peaches, fresh strawberries, plain yogurt and a little agave nectar. That smoothie was enormous! I saved half in the fridge for later.

Also, how cute is that straw? I found a package of them in drawer and was so excited to see they are reusable! I must have received them with a gift and completely forgotten about them.

For dinner I made Emily's black bean burgers (recipe here):


WOW. These were so flavorful and delicious! The recipe made 6 patties, but I was eating alone tonight, so I cooked half and froze the rest for a quick dinner later on. I can tell that these are going to be a big hit with the husband!

Has anyone else tried these Oroweat Sandwich Thins ? I am completely addicted to them! I don't like sandwich bread/hamburger buns much to begin with (I'm more interested in what's inside!), so these are perfect! I like them toasted in the morning as well. In fact, I'm planning to have one tomorrow morning before my 5 mile run with a little Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter that I whipped up this afternoon and half a banana. Feed the warrior!

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  1. Hey Megan! Thanks for your lovely comments :)

    I def. struggle when running in the heat. Partially because it's so humid over on the east coast...it's hard to breathe! But I don't mind feeling slower...as long as my heart rate is still up, then it feels like a good run to me!