Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vibha Dream Mile 10K

I just woke up from a nap after getting some sun in my parents' backyard - what a life! Here are the stats from my race this morning:

Total Mileage: 10.5K (6.52mi)
Total Time: 1 hour, 2 min
Average Pace: 9.38min/mi

The distance marked at the race was off from the distance on my iPod the entire way. I'm not sure if the race was marked incorrectly or if my iPod needs to be re-calibrated. I'll have to look into that. I checked the time when my iPod hit the 10K mark and my time was 1 hour even. I didn't quite hit my goal, but Brian reminded me that coming in under 55 minutes would have required shaving almost 15 minutes off my previous time and, even on an easier race, that would be been pretty difficult.

Edit 6/30: They finally posted the results! 

39/147 - Women Overall
21/78 - Women 21-29 

This was a really well-organized race, definitely the most organized race I've done this summer. We picked up our race packets on Friday, so all we had to do was show up and run! I did this event with my mom and three other teachers from her school. They walked together while I ran. Here is the race map through Shoreline Park:

It was a pretty, scenic run with plenty of aid stations, but I wore my water belt just to be safe! My run was not as strong as I would have hoped - I had to stop and walk more times than I would have liked to. I attribute this to a couple of things:
  1. The length of time since my last long run (over 1.5 weeks due to travel). I was scheduled to do 8 miles today, but 6.2 was all I had in me! 
  2. It stank! The tide was out and mud was exposed - sludgy, rancid, algea-infest mud. Shoreline also used to be a landfill. Blech! I had a hard time breathing at some points and never really found my breathing rhythm.
  3. The last 2K were super crowded! The 5K course intersected with the 10K course, which also doubled back on itself at the end. At this point in the race, I wanted to surge forward, but got bottle-necked with the 5K runners as well as the 10K walkers who were way behind.
There were some pretty impressive runners out there today. The race winner completed the 10K course in 35 minutes! There was also this woman pushing a huge double jog stroller who completely smoked me on the trail! I want to be able to run like that!

After the race, we stopped at the Lakeside Cafe for fruit salad, zucchini bread, and coffee. We sat on the outdoor patio - it was beautiful outside!

Brian is at an AP Physics convention in Monterey this week, so I'm spending today and most of tomorrow with my parents. We are having steak for dinner with fruit salad and spinach salad (my parents own a grocery store - more on that later) and then I'm going to teach my mom how to make banana soft serve. I'll try to remember to take pictures!

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