Monday, July 5, 2010

Firecracker Wedding

Hello friends! Hope you had a lovely 4th of July and (if you aren't on summer vacation like me!) hopefully a nice day off today as well!

My spin workout yesterday was a huge success! Recently (while I have been pounding the pavement outdoors, apparently), our apartment complex has completely revamped our workout room, complete with four Star Trac Spinner V-bikes!

I was introduced to spinning during my senior year of college but really fell in love with it when I started graduate school, spinning 3-4 times a week. I would student teach from 8-11 in Sacramento every morning, drive back to Davis for a spin class at noon and then have to be in class by 3. It was awesome. I lost weight, toned up, and learned a lot of self-discipline. When I moved away from Davis, I was most sad to leave my gym and spin instructors behind!

If you have access to stationary bikes (or any gym equipment, really), I recommend checking out the iTrain system. I was a member for awhile in graduate school and have a small collection of their workout tracks. Their iCycle tracks are really excellent, in my opinion, and I don't have to join a gym to get an authentic, instructor-yelling-in-your-ear, spinning workout in! I think I am going to start incorporating these into my training schedule on cross-training days (which I usually translate to DAY OFF!).

After my workout, I enjoyed a massive wrap with some veggies that were languishing away in my fridge:
[whole wheat tortilla, hummus, pesto, mixed greens, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives]

As well as a few pieces of chocolate (and the New York Times Book Review):


Then, it was wedding time! My mom took this cute picture of me and my two favorite guys (my dad and my husband!) during cocktail hour:

The wedding was GORGEOUS. It took place at the Mission at Santa Clara and was pretty much breathtaking. I also may have had a few glasses of wine and forgot to take any pictures of, um, anything. Oh well!

Can you believe I have known Lindsay since I was in first grade?! My brother and I carpooled with Lindsay and her brother Scott every day of elementary school and junior high school. It was an honor and a pleasure to see her walk down the aisle! Congratulations, Lindsay and Frank!


[image source - Lili Durkin Photography]


  1. Meg, where did you spin in grad school? I'd love to try and since I'm in Davis, I'd love the recommendation!
    -Katie Daley (Baad)

  2. Katie, I was a member at Peak Performance in Davis from 2005-2007 and LOVED it. Really great spin instructors, fun classes, etc. I took some other group exercise classes there too (Abs, Boot Camp, etc) and loved them all.

    Not sure who they have teaching now or how much has changed since then, but in general I really enjoyed working out there. They have a "women only" room too, which is kind of funny, but also kind of nice if you are doing weights so you don't have to fight with the guys for mat space!

    Their July schedule is online right now to give you an idea of their class schedule (not sure how much it changes once the school year starts - they will probably add a few midday classes?) and you probably will qualify for the student rate ($22 a month! That's less than when I was there! Lucky!) Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks Meg, I'll check it out!