Saturday, October 2, 2010

Birthday Bacon

Last year, I inadvertently started a little tradition of celebrating B's birthday with bacon. Not just regular bacon though - bacon used in unexpected ways.

Part of B's birthday present last year was a Frozen Peanut Butter Pie with Candied Bacon. It was my first really extravagant cooking endeavor and I'm still a little surprised I pulled it off.

It was crazy good, but a lot of work! Candying bacon is serious business! I suffered a really horrible burn from the melted sugar that took like a month to heal.

This year, I knew I didn't want to do anything quite so involved (or dangerous!). I also knew that time would be short this weekend, so I wanted to do breakfast on Saturday morning and then be done with it. Enter the Bacon Cinnamon Roll.

I started with a 8 slices of platter bacon and a tube of store-bought cinnamon rolls (although can you imagine how great these would be with your mom's homemade cinnamon roll recipe!? Whoah).

I unrolled each cinnamon roll (I had to use a knife to separate the dough, but it wasn't difficult) and placed a piece of bacon on top of each strip of dough.

My bacon was actually both too long and too wide for the dough that I bought, so I sliced a bit off each end and then sliced the bacon lengthwise so it wasn't so wide.

 Then I just rerolled each cinnamon roll with the bacon inside,

And placed them in a greased baking dish.

I cooked them according to the package instructions (375 degrees for about 15 minutes):

And then frosted them using the frosting that came with the package.

Hold on to your hats, friends. These things are like crack. Salty and sweet and cinnamon-y and bacon-y. Your house will smell amazing. You will eat half of them and get sick to your stomach.

I actually only had one. B had three. We're taking the rest to my father-in-law.

I have a feeling these will be making a reappearance on Christmas morning.

Or maybe tomorrow morning...