Monday, October 25, 2010

Project Food Blog Catch-Up

I have been following Foodbuzz's Project Food Blog like most Bay Area folk have been following the Giants. It is so exciting and inspiring! At first I was really overwhelmed by the number of blogs participating, but now that they have narrowed the playing field down to 58 contestants, I have really gotten into it!

For example, how delicious was Emily's entry this week? I want to make Mediterranean food all the time now!

Did you check out Joe & Betsy's His and Hers Fantasandwiches? Super clever!

And Angela? You have got to be kidding me. Can you believe how many things she made? And how beautiful all of her pictures are? And how yummy everything looked? That woman is a rockstar. PS - everyone on my staff is getting energy truffles for Christmas.

I also loved Jenna's retro-inspired meal. Her food is always so delicious and accessible. And I love Big Sur!

And finally, I really enjoyed Tender is the Bite's Pique-Nique in the Park, partly because I love to make Pan Bangnat too!

Seriously, there are so many great entries, I have a hard time voting every week! I am also super inspired to be more creative with my cooking and blog more about it! I know I have been super-lazy on the blog-front, but let me assure you I have not been super-lazy on the being a wife and teacher front!

I was thinking about changing the format of the blog for a few days because, let's face it, I haven't done much running or cooking lately and was feeling super boring. But the truth is, I like writing about running and cooking - when I have time for it. And lately... I haven't. But I'm going to try to better about it for me, because I really do enjoy it.

If you haven't voted for Project Foodbuzz this week, voting is open today! Check out all the great bloggers and get inspired to cook something amazing!