Monday, October 18, 2010

D.C. Recap!

Remember that time I went to Washington, D.C? Yeah, me too! Here are some snaps (and just a few words) from the trip!

I took a red-eye from San Jose on Friday night and got in around 10am on Saturday morning. Bethany and I met at the airport, took the metro to our hotel, dropped off our luggage and went straight to our first activity - a Capitol Hill Food Tour!

I basically didn't take any pictures because I was so busy eating everything in sight. I cannot recommend this tour highly enough - it was incredible! Our awesome tour guide, Sharon, walked us around Capitol Hill for 3.5 hours, stopping every half hour or so at a different restaurant for "tastings." I put tastings in quotation marks because we basically got a full meal at each of the 4 restaurants we stopped at!

I wish we had been in DC longer so we could have done some of DC Metro Food Tour's other tours. It was a great introduction to the city!

On Sunday morning, we had breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien in Georgetown.

Verdict? Awesome.

 We spent the afternoon at the Holocuast Memorial Museum and the National Museum of American History.

 The Holocaust Museum is incredible and very moving. I got a lot of great ideas for the Anne Frank unit I am scheduled to teach this year.

The coolest thing that Museum of American History (aside from all the gorgeous First Lady dresses!) is Julia Child's kitchen:

We grabbed an early dinner at Zest, where I threw a glass of wine across the patio because I was gesticulating wildly. Oops.

And then walked around the National Mall as the sun set to check out the monuments.

On Monday morning, we headed out to Arlington National Cemetery - it was a beautiful day!

Finally, we grabbed a quick lunch at Spike Mendelsohn's We, the Pizza before heading back to the airport!

I completely fell in love with Washington, D.C. last week! What an incredible city full of history, culture, and life! I can't wait to go back!