Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where is the "PAUSE" button?

Hi friends. Is it Friday yet??

I'm peering out from under my mountain of grading to check in with you and just say "hi." Grades are due on Monday so... yeah. :)

I'll just let you imagine what my weekend is going to look like!

I've made some seriously yummy stuff this week, although I haven't actually photographed any of it. If you get hungry while waiting for me to return to the blog-world, I recommend you make the following:

I also registered for my Foodbuzz Festival breakout sessions today! I'm a little nervous about the festival since it's my first blogger "event" and I feel like there are going to be a million people there and I will be seriously overwhelmed, but I'm going to put myself out there and make the best of it anyway! I'll be attending the following sessions on Saturday:
  • 9am: The Write Taste
  • 10:15am: Great Catch! Presented by Alaska Seafood
  • 11:15am: Food Blogging Guide to Success (Whatever That Is!)

Are any of you going to the festival? Can we be friends? :)