Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bummer, Dude

Hi friends - where has this week gone?!

My schedule has been totally wonky. First, I was at a training all day Monday so I have been playing catch-up in my classes since I had to call a sub. Second, my students are taking a district-mandated 2-day on-demand writing test (whew!), which has them completely stressed out which causes them to act inappropriately because they aren't mature enough to handle their emotions. Third, I have not been sleeping well so I have been extra-cranky with my already squirrely students. Fourth, I did a workout video on Monday instead of running that has me so sore I can barely walk up the stairs (damn you, curtsy squats!) and I have a race on Friday! Fifth, I just saw on Facebook that one of my students from last year called me a bitch.

OK, I know that fifth one seems totally ridiculous, because why should that even bother me at all?! I know you can't please everyone! Especially teenagers! This case in particular just really bums me out because I had multiple meetings with this kid's parents last spring about how he had turned in zero work even after I gave him extra time on projects and extra credit assignments that he didn't do. I explained very clearly on several occasions that I would not give him a passing grade if he didn't turn anything in (I'm totally unreasonable, I know), and yet he still came to me with a 25% in the class and demanded that I pass him. I said no.

I know he was upset and I know it kept him from graduating and I should not be surprised in the least that he is spewing venom about me on the Internet, but it still really makes me sad because he clearly learned nothing from that situation even though I did everything in my power to help him be successful all along the way until the very end when I finally had to say "Enough is enough."

Sorry for that run-on sentence. 

And no, I do not troll my ex-students' Facebook accounts. In fact, I deliberately block them when I can. I just happened upon this by unfortunate accident.

Anyway, I know it's maybe a little silly to let that bug me this evening, but it was just kind of the icing on the cake of this frustrating week. I'm looking forward to sharing some fun things with you in the next day or so though, so let's all just hang in there!

What is your antidote for a rough week?
I'm planning to buy a latte on my way to work tomorrow!