Sunday, September 12, 2010

On Pins and Needles

Sounds like I'll be delving into the blog archives to retag some posts! I don't actually think it will take too long, and I'm happy to make things easier for all of you!

I'm currently blogging from my parents' house with a belly full of salsa. That's the only hint you get about our weekend adventure until tomorrow!

To tide you over, I thought I'd give my mom's side business a little shout out! My mom is a junior high English teacher like me (totally ridiculous and adorable, I know), but she is also a really incredible artist, particularly when it comes to fabric. She has done it all, from making dolls and home decor to my high school prom dresses and theatre costumes to my bridesmaids' dresses!

Last November, I convinced my mom to open a shop on Etsy for some flowers she had been designing. The business took off like crazy!

This summer she worked with lots of brides to design hairpieces for their wedding, but her flowers are great for any special occasion - or even for everyday!

Most can be put on hair clips/bobby pins, a headband, a fabric pin, or even on shoe clips!

I have a cute little headband with a flower on it that gets compliments every time I wear it.

Now that wedding season is over, Mom has a bit more time for designing and special orders. She showed me some new flowers tonight that she is making in darker colors and heavier fabrics for the fall and winter. Super cute! You can visit her shop at Pins and Needles, Too.

Mom also has a second shop where she sells PDF tutorials for some of her flowers, if you are artistically inclined as well. You can purchase patterns at Pins and Needles DIY.

If you aren't familiar with Etsy, it's a really incredible venue for independent artists. Last year, I bought almost all of my Christmas gifts from Etsy artists. The gifts are unique and, even better, handmade! B bought me this lovely necklace for my birthday from an Etsy artist! It's a map of the Cassiopeia constellation!


We talk a lot about supporting independent farms, but it's important to support independent artists as well!