Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eat, Win, or Die!

This weekend was BUSY! But also so fun!

On Saturday, we hit up the Mountain View Art and Wine Festival, where B promptly dug into some Cilantro Lime chicken wings. I had a taste - they were pretty awesome.

Action shot!
 We were on a mission for Christmas presents though, so although the allure of wine and beer was strong, we soldiered on in the hot sun...

OK, we might have had some beer...

Saturday night, we had tickets to the Earthquakes v. FC Dallas game. It was not nearly as exciting as the Galaxy game. We tied 0-0 and, as the score indicates, basically nothing happened the whole game. Bummer.

On Sunday, we woke up early and drove into San Francisco. It was a beautiful day!

We grabbed brunch at our favorite restaurant on the Embarcadero, Townsend. We love Townsend for a number of reasons, mainly that they maintain a seasonal menu (even for breakfast!), they support local and organic farms, and their breakfast and brunch are super high quality (unlike a lot of restaurants that skimp on the morning meals and offer boring, standard breakfast fare).

Brian had a Three-Chile Scramble and I had a Cobb Scramble. After, we were stuffed so we decided to wander around the Ferry Building and visit the Farm Fresh to You storefront. Hooray!

Finally, it was 1pm - the moment we had been waiting for. We headed outside to the Ferry Plaza for...

Eat, Win, or Die!

B and I attended our first SF Food War back in February - The Yeast Affliction. It was an artisan bread bake-off at Thirsty Bear Brewery. We had such a good time and tasted so much good food that we have been waiting anxiously for another (there have actually been three Food Wars since, but we were unavailable each weekend - bummer!). When we got the email about this weekend's Great Salsa ChampionChip, we knew we had be there!!

I'll let the pictures tell most of the story:

Foodies in line
Let the tasting begin! So much salsa!

We sampled 21 salsas today (not all of them were good... but most were)!

These guys had a system!
in action...
Foodies everywhere!
Free tea!
Minor salsa disaster...
Not a problem for B!
Deconstructed salsa!
B's favorite salsa - the Ass Volcano. Pineapple and ghost chili salsa! It was crazy spicy!

Winner's swag
The results? My vote (salsa #5 - Summer Lovin' Salsa) took the People's Choice Honorable Mention! Sadly, the Ass Volcano did not place, but I think that was probably because it was literally too spicy for some people! I like spicy, but after about two bites, my mouth was completely on fire!

All in all, an excellent weekend! What did you do this weekend?