Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Update

So glad you all liked Julie's Google Reader tip from my post earlier this weekend. My favorite part? This screen when you get to the end of your unread items:

Which takes you to a Wikipedia page about Interplanetary Internet. I am a nerd, so I think this is hilarious.

In case you are catching up on weekend blog reading this morning (like I am during my prep), here's a quick recap of what I was up to - I was busier than I thought!
It's overcast and a little chilly here in the Bay Area this morning - 55 degrees! - but it should warm up by lunchtime. My plan for the day includes, uh, teaching, followed by grocery shopping, and (fingers crossed) spinning. B is cooking dinner tonight (fingers crossed), so hopefully I can also get some school-related work done this evening.