Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Question and a Comment

A Question:
I'm not very good about tagging my posts, and right now they are basically divided into breakfast, lunch, dinner, baked goods, etc as well as workout related tags (running, races, spin, etc). I'm thinking about going back (you know, in all my free time) and re-tagging the food related posts with ingredients (like that last post would still be tagged dinner, but also mushrooms). Kath does this and I kind of like the idea of readers being able to look up, say, broccoli, and see what I've done with it, especially those of you with CSA boxes who get new, exciting veggies all the time and maybe don't know what to do with them!

So, my question for you: Would tagging in this fashion be helpful, interesting, useful, etc? Does anyone even use the tags feature?

A Comment:
Well, I'll start my comment with another question: Did you see Savvy Julie's post about Google Reader the other day? Genius! I used to get so bogged down with reading blogs because Google's Reader interface is a little clunky, but I just don't have time to bookmark everyone I read and click through all those bookmarks every day! Here's a quick recap from Julie about the "NEXT BOOKMARK":

When you click on the ‘Next’ button, your browser will take you directly to an unread post from one of your blog subscriptions (and mark it as read in Reader at the same time). Not the lame Google Reader view of the post, but the full page that the post would appear in were you to type in the blog’s URL. Click the button again, and you’ll be taken to the next unread post in your Reader...

To get the “next bookmark,” go to Google Reader –> Reader Settings –> Goodies. The “next bookmark” can be found about halfway down the page. Just drag the button to your bookmarks bar, and you’ll be all set!

I've had this set up since Wednesday or Thursday, and I'm already a happier blog reader. Thanks, Julie!