Monday, August 9, 2010


Woke up early this morning to watch last week's True Blood before going to the doctor's office for my TB test. Just another perk of working with kids. :)

I got in 4 miles on the treadmill with limited knee pain while Brian did weights, then we got down to serious lunch business. All I was craving my entire run was a huge salad, so that's what I made. It was so big I had to put it in a mixing bowl!

In the mix (or, as my Oklahoma grandma would say, "All the fixin's"):
  • spinach
  • romaine
  • cucumbers
  • carrots
  • chickpeas
  • cherry tomatoes
  • sesame seeds
  • feta
  • Angela's better than bottled balsamic dressing (it really is!)
I'm not sure there is any end to how much I love chickpeas.

B and I  shared a mini fruit salad and peach but he wouldn't touch my salad! He says he doesn't like "rabbit food" after he works out. Whatever.

I have an appointment for a mani/pedi with my mom later this afternoon, but before that I'm going to see what I can whip up with these humble ingredients.

Any guesses? Here's a hint - it's Mama Pea approved!