Thursday, August 12, 2010


Just a quick post because I am exhausted! I always sympathize with my students when I have to sit through meeting after meeting after meeting about things that I am totally not interested in/have already learned before. Poor kiddos!

So yes, today was human resources and special education orientation, blah blah blah. I ate a huge vegetarian sandwich for lunch that still has me stuffed. The thought of cooking dinner actually is making me a little sick to my stomach. Leftovers and Top Chef it is (Restaraunt Wars! hooray!)!

The real news of the day is that I finally got keys to my classroom this afternoon. I will have to take pictures for you guys when I go back next week because it is totally nuts. It used to be the staff lounge, apparently, so it has a huge, gated concrete courtyard out front (so awesome for poetry readings and dramatizations!) and, get this, BATHROOMS. Seriously, there are two bathrooms attached to my classroom. As in, you walk into my classroom and then open a door that looks like a closet and it's really a bathroom. I cannot get over this weirdness!

For the record, I think I'm going to put bookcases in front of both doors and just pretend they aren't there. Can you imagine being a seventh grade girl and going to the bathroom during class literally in your classroom? I'm sure you can hear the toilets flushing loud and clear! Embarrassment to the MAX!

I haven't taught junior high in a while, so I'm still wrapping my brain around what my little darlings are going to be like. In junior high, I pretty much thought I was the coolest person in the world (clearly, the self-esteem issues were more of a high school thing), but I remember my friends being really shy and awkward.

Do you remember what you were like in junior high? Do you remember what you wanted from your teachers in junior high?