Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Listen to Your (Body)

Full Discolsure: I've had "Listen to Your Heart" by Roxette stuck in my head ever since watching the finale of "The Bachelorette" last night with my girlfriends. We have watched the entire season together (I've never watched the show before, but they sucked me in!). I don't really like Ali, but I LOVE Roberto (who doesn't? That smile, those dimples!).

This morning, however, it was a case of listening to my body, not necessarily my heart. My race is less than a month away. July was a big running month and my body is feeling it. I ran in Hawaii, but wimped out of my 11-mile run on Saturday after about 4 miles. My knees hurt, my ankles, hurt, my shins hurt. It was all bad. I iced, gave myself a day or two to recover, and did 4 miles of hillwork on the treadmill yesterday, planning to run 6 miles this morning.

Well... I slept in an extra hour, got out of bed, sat down to read a few pages of my book, and then fell asleep for another hour! I'm just now (at 10am!) drinking my coffee and eating some breakfast. Looks like it's a blogging morning, instead of a running one!

The one thing I've learned through all this training though, is that (much like my philosophy about food) being militant is never the healthiest way to go about something. I could beat myself up about getting off schedule, or I could just accept that today was not meant to be a running day and move my run to tomorrow. I think we are all happier in the long run if we allow ourselves to compromise!

I'm currently housesitting (dogsitting, really) for my parents while they are in Hawaii for another week (lucky!). Check out this pooch I get to spend my time with:

Yep, life's rough!

Some posts to look forward to:

One more cup of coffee, then I'll walk the dog and get down to business! Happy Wednesday!