Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Maui, Revealed!

This post brought to you courtesy of this really delightful dinner that I made all by myself for only me in my mom's enormous kitchen (6 burners! Double oven! 10 foot long island! It's heaven). The only thing that saved this from being totally depressing was how tasty everything was!

Today has been a serious "computer" day. It was 3:30 (3:30!) before I peeled myself away from the screen, took of my PJs, took the dog for a walk, and sat out in the sun with my book.

To be fair, I've been busy! In addition to some blogging (did you miss my Operation Beautiful post or our anniversary dinner recap?), I had a lot of paperwork to take care of for my new job and was trying to get some lesson plans written as well (I know, school doesn't start for 20 days. I'm sick. I need help).

But here it is, the post you have been waiting for, MAUI!

My parents have a timeshare on Maui, so we have gone every summer since I was a sophomore in college. This is the only vacation my parents take all year. I repeat, this is the only time off my dad has all year long. Can you believe it? For this reason, Maui = serious relaxation. We do a lot of laying by the pool, reading books on the patio, and eating out. Occasionally, we'll walk to Whaler's Village and do some shopping.

This does not sit well with my husband, whose delicate, lily-white skin blisters at the very mention of sunshine. We honeymooned on Maui last year and I found myself doing a lot of... hiking. In rainforests. With little to no sun exposure. Going to Maui with both my parents and my husband results in some clashing opinions about what we should do. I know, it's rough. What should we do on Maui? Somehow, we managed! Here are some visual highlights from the trip.

My cute parents!
Brian, braving the elements (Did you notice he's reading "Snow" on a tropical island? Typical)
Celebrating our anniversary with the best burgers on Maui at the Cool Cat Cafe!
DELICIOUS ice cream sandwiches at Hula Cookies & Ice Cream
Iao Valley

Most mornings started like this
PS: Everyone read this book!
Not a horrible view...
Flatbread Company in Paia - our favorite!
Love it!
Nakalele Blowhole - Brian's favorite (we went twice)!

Little bro joined us after almost slicing his finger off at work!

We also played in the ocean, snorkeled in Honolua Bay, had an incredible dinner at Mama's Fish House, and just generally had a lovely time. Brian and I have talked about visiting other islands, but we just really adore Maui!

Do you have a favorite vacation spot?