Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last Gasp of Summer

Oh, hey blog-world. Remember me? I'm that girl who runs and talks about food and complains about being tired a lot. I'm still alive. Just doing a lot of lesson planning and eating mostly toast with almond butter (which I made, so that has to count for something!).

This was officially the last weekend of summer and it flew. Friday evening started with a (late) CSA delivery!

Lettuce, broccoli, (tons of) plums, pears, cucumbers, red and green bell peppers.

The plums are already gone. They were like candy!

Then, I met two of my favorite girlies in Willow Glen for a Ladies' Night Out cooking class at Cucina Bambini (they do adult classes, too)!

We had a blast! Teresa (in the white tank) brought a bottle of wine and we giggled and gossiped and made four super-simple and delicious appetizers: Prosciutto Blue Cheese Wraps, Avocado Eggrolls, Sausage Wonton Cups, and Sesame Shrimp. Teresa is a vegetarian and Melissa (in the black T) is lactose intolerant, so we made a lot of changes (and I got to eat a lot of extra meat and cheese - I'm not complaining) and the staff at Cucina Bambini were super helpful and accommodating. A fun and inexpensive cooking class (that encourages drinking wine)? I will definitely be back!

On Saturday morning, I met my mom for a Back to School manicure/pedicure. It's always nice to get pampered before the kiddos show up! In the afternoon, Brian and I had tickets to the San Jose Earthquakes/LA Galaxy soccer match!

The "first kick" was delivered by this sweet little 6-year-old whose cancer recently went into remission!

I kind of expected LA to cream us, but we won! It was kind of a miracle, because I think LA had a lot more chances, but our keeper, Jon Busch, had an incredible game! Plus, our new "big name" player from Brazil, Geovanni, even played for the last 15 minutes! It was very exciting!

How cute are these tiny little soccer players that entertained us during half? Remind of you anything?

I have spent today cleaning our apartment (finally!) and trying to get organized for the crazy upcoming week. I can't believe my race is in one week! In fact, at this time next week, I will be done with my first half marathon! I had a not-so-great last long run this morning, but I'm still feeling confident! I just want to finish!

How are you enjoying these last few weeks of summer?