Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lazy Saturday

I woke up early to run this morning and then remembered our plan to run/bike the race course (that link opens a PDF, in case you're interested. The elevation map terrifies me!) on Sunday. I love unexpected days off! This is also a nice rest day for my hip, which has been bothering me for a week. I had a bad run last week at my parents' house where my knee was really hurting (I forgot to wear my brace!) and so I limped along for a few miles, putting some unnecessary pressure on my hip. I don't think anything is seriously wrong, but it's still sore!

We experienced yet another kitchen tragedy yesterday, when our french press bit the dust.

Looking at the Amazon reviews, I probably should have seen this coming. I originally bought it just to take camping (hence the choice to buy an "unbreakable" carafe), but I really like using the french press in the summer instead of our monster coffee maker. I guess we drank too much coffee this summer because the french press basically disintegrated while Brian was cleaning it yesterday morning!

We wasted no time purchasing another and this is definitely a far superior coffee press. The stainless steel mesh filter cannot be beat! It makes a much smoother cup of coffee. Yum!

To celebrate my extra hour and a half of free time this morning, I made a version of Chelsey's coffee cake. I made a few changes to the recipe since A) I'm not vegan, and B) some of the proportions seemed a little off to me. It still needs a little tweaking (Brian requests more sugar, as usual), but it was a quick and easy Saturday morning treat!

I've been studying my Google Analytics (What? You don't do this? It's totally mesmerizing and a little addicting!) lately and have noticed that my number of readers has nearly doubled in the last week! Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it!

Can I ask you all a favor? Please comment when you read so I know who you are, even if you don't want to answer my questions but just want to say "hi!" I follow a lot of blogs and I know it's hard to comment on all of them (I'm trying to get better!), but the more you comment, the more I know about you, and the better friends we can become! I'm not blogging to get famous or land a book deal or win any awards; I'm blogging because I think this is a really incredible community of smart, sassy, fabulous women (and men!) and I want to get to know all of you better and share stories and recipes and expertise with you! I think you're all pretty amazing!

Speaking of amazing, the Love Bomb team at ItStartsWith.Us left comments on Bria's blog this week. Bria is 22 years old, suffers from clinical depression and anxiety, and is considering suicide. Over 300 people (strangers!) left inspiring and encouraging comments on a recent post. Yesterday, Bria said thanks. How cool is that?